The Finance Review 2021

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‘In vain you’ve acquired knowledge if you haven’t imparted it to others’ ~ Deuteronomy Rabbah

One of the most extraordinary aspects of research is its omnipresence. The practice of assembling data, analyzing it, and developing insight by applying it in a staggering variety of settings – from finance to social studies, business to politics, and beyond demonstrate its profundity.

The Editorial Board of Investgrip, in collaboration with CASA NGO, proudly presents before you, the first edition of our annual Finance Journal, The Financial Review: a crescendo of opinions, beliefs, impressions, facts, and their validities in the forms of research papers and research articles in an endeavour to promote unco discourse towards financial management.

This 2021 edition, offers a collation of ideas from the fields of human resource, marketing, finance, consumer psychology, and economics from one of the sharpest minds in the country. Kudos to the entire team of Investgrip who managed to remain unfettered by all the impediments the pandemic brought with it. To obtain the e-copy of our journal, Click Here