Rules of the Mock Stock Game

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Welcome to the First Ever Online Mock Stock


About our Competition

The Mock Stock Challenge is governed by game rules that you should be aware of to ensure you fully understand the online trading process and to make the most from this experience and possibly win it!


  1. Opening Balance

The Bank is giving you a starting balance of Rs. 15,00,000 out of which Rs.7,00,000 will be in Cash and the remaining balance is divided equally amongst all the 20 stocks so that you get 50 shares of each stock at the start!

  • Securities Listed

A total of 20 securities are chosen by FIS Ramjas in a way that helps the players to learn and trade stocks in various industries. It includes stocks from large cap, mid cap and small cap category.

  • Trading Hours

The bidding window will be open for trading from 4PM to 6PM. During these hours, you can place as many bids you want. Off-exchange bids will NOT be executed during trading hours and all the non-executed bids at the end will be cancelled. 

  • End of the Portfolio Value

Your final game ranking is dependent on the portfolio value at the end of the periods. At that point, your portfolio value is calculated from closing prices on the final day of your trading session added onto whatever uninvested cash you hold.

  • Short Selling

Short Selling not allowed. 
You cannot sell a stock that you do not hold.

  • No Manipulation-Upper and Lower Circuit

The system prevents a player from buying a stock if the stock has hit the upper circuit. Similarly it prevents a player from selling a stock hitting the lower circuit. Again, this is to make the simulation realistic and non-manipulative.


  • An investor has one goal, which is to maximize profit and have the biggest portfolio
  • Trade by selling and buying stocks at the price of your choice (Go to Trade window)
  • Bids will be executed only if the orders are matched
  • News will be released at different intervals. Read, Understand and place your bids accordingly.
  • Stocks sold will be deducted from your portfolio and stocks bought will be added
  • One is NOT recommendedto place bids at extreme prices. Extreme bids will be marked as ‘Off- Exchange Trade’ and will NOT be traded during the trading hours.
  • The System will automatically detect any manipulation or conspiracy and the accused players will be disqualified immediately
  • One can also cancel the bid by clicking “Cancel bid” but this can only be done before the bid is executed. If it gets executed, nothing can be done and you will have to place an offsetting bid


  • Portfolio

Portfolio shows the total number of stocks that you own and your total portfolio value. It also has a graph of the stock performance. On the right sidebar, you can read latest news about financial markets.

  • Trade

If you want to trade, then go to this window wherein all the stock scrips along with their Current Market Price (CMP) and performance will be listed. This window allows you to select a stock so that you can place your buy and sell bids in the market.

“Active Bid” shows the current bid that has been placed and not executed.

“Your last 5 executed bids” shows your last five executed orders

  • Order book

Order book keeps a track of your activities. It will show all active and executed bids that you placed.

  • News

This segment shows all the news of the past and current period that will help you determine the direction in which the market or particular security is moving. Be Updated or you will be lost!

  • Live Leaderboard

The leaderboard shows the ranks of all the investors so that one can keep a track of its peers. All active bids at 6 PM (Market Closed) will be first cancelled and then updated on the leaderboard.

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